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Blackbaud University General FAQ During Class

  • How do I join my virtual instructor-led class?

    Your virtual instructor-led class is available to join up to 30 minutes before scheduled start time. We recommend you join your class as early as possible to be ready for class.

    You can launch your class directly from BlackbaudU Campus:

    1. Go to
    2. Locate your course under the My Calendar section of the homepage.
    3. Select the Course Title.
    4. Click the down arrow to the right of the printer icon to the right of the course name.
    5. Select Join the Webinar
  • How do I activate my WebEx audio connection?

    The first thing that you’ll see upon signing into the classroom is the Audio Conference prompt, asking you how you’d like to listen to the class. Choose one of two options:

    1. To use your computer’s speakers, or headphones, or a headset, choose Call Using Computer. You can test your speakers by clicking Test speaker/microphone.
    2. To use a phone, click Use Phone. Enter your phone number and click Call Me. When your phone rings, follow the prompts to join the class audio.

    To review or change your Audio connection in WebEx, go to the Audio menu at the very top of the WebEx classroom screen and choose Audio Conference. You can change your connection method from here, as well as test your audio device or choose a new one.

  • Where can I access my course materials for the course?

    Course Materials are designed to supplement the instruction and demonstrations you’ll see in your virtual instructor-led class, with the goal of active participation and note-taking in mind. Use this resource however you’d like, whether to highlight impactful takeaways, write down answers to activities, or make note of whatever you think will be useful later. To access Course Materials directly from your virtual classroom:

    1. In WebEx, go to the File menu in the top left of the WebEx window, then select Transfer.
    2. Click to highlight the Course Material, then click Download.

    NOTE: Once the instructor begins class, the handout can be obtained by pressing Control + Shift + T. This will bring up the Transfer window where you can choose to download the handout.

    Course Materials are also available before or after class from BlackbaudU Campus. To download Course Materials:

    1. Go to
    2. Click My Activities.
    3. Select the Course Title.
    4. Select the Course Materials tab.
    5. Select the title of the file to download.
    6. Your instructor will also make handouts available during class. Follow your instructor’s directions to download from WebEx.
  • How do I connect to my student sample environment?

    Many Blackbaud University classes include access to a student sample product environment. Please check that you are using a computer that meets Blackbaud’s System Requirements before class to prepare to use these environments. Your instructor will detail the solution-specific steps to connect to your sample environment before class begins.

    For Raiser’s Edge and Financial Edge Database View classes, Citrix Workspace App is required to access the student sample product environment. Please check that Citrix is installed before class. IT assistance from your organization may be required to complete installation. Follow these instructions to install Citrix prior to class.

    For Microsoft Product Courses, please be aware that you must provide your own environment if you wish to participate in the hands-on activities. Blackbaud University will not be providing a sample environment for these courses. In order to participate in class, you must have one of the following Microsoft Office versions:

    • Microsoft Office 2016
    • Microsoft Office 2019
    • Microsoft Office 2021
    • Microsoft 365
  • Can I use my organization’s production database to complete Blackbaud University course exercises?

    Please only use Blackbaud University-provided student sample environments for course exercises. If you select your production database to complete this training, you may make irreversible changes to your database. You acknowledge that you are responsible for selecting the Blackbaud University sample database for your training, and that Blackbaud is not responsible for any changes you make to your production database if you fail to select the Blackbaud University sample database for this training.

  • What should I see when I launch my class?

    Upon initial sign-in to the WebEx environment, the screen will include menus across the very top (File, Edit, View, Audio, etc.) and instructor-provided tabs below (Housekeeping, etc.). You will be able to chat with your instructor using the chat box on the right side of the window. Above the chat are emoji reaction buttons (green checkmark, red “x,” etc.). These emoji reaction buttons will be used throughout class.

  • Why did WebEx change when my instructor started class?

    Once the instructor begins their screen-share presentation, WebEx will shift into a different set of windows to highlight the course content. This results in the Participants and Chat panels disappearing. Not to worry, a new dropdown menu will appear at the top of your screen where you can relocate these windows. When prompted by your Instructor, move your cursor up to this menu to see WebEx options, then select Participants and Chat.

  • How do I keep track of all the windows I have open on my screen for class?

    Once class is under way, you'll be switching between WebEx and the sample database for your Blackbaud product. If you have a single monitor, you can use the icons in your taskbar to switch between WebEx and your sample environment. Using multiple monitors can help your class experience but is not required. During student exercises, the instructor will leave instructions for the exercise on screen for you to refer to; you won’t miss anything in class when you switch to your sample database to take part in class exercises. Your audio connection will always remain active, so when the instructor moves to another section you will be made aware.

  • What other tips should I follow to get the most of my virtual instructor-led class?
    • If it’s before your scheduled class time, make sure you’re ready for class!
    • Ask your instructor questions during class! Every instructor is an expert in their solution, and online instruction. We love hearing from our students in class.
    • Keep an eye on the classroom chat. Seeing what other students are asking about is part of the learning experience. Learning from peers is just as valuable as learning from your instructor.
    • Minimize your distractions. Turn off email and chat, and silence your phone. We know you are busy, and taking a class only takes up more of your valuable time. Consider your time an investment that pays dividends; our students tell us they save six hours a week from the knowledge they’ve gained by taking Blackbaud University courses.

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