Modern Payment Processing On-the-Go

Make mobile payment processing easy with Blackbaud MobilePay Terminal™

Modern Payment Processing On-the-Go
with Blackbaud MobilePay Terminal

Blackbaud MobilePay Terminal lets your organization process donations and payments safely and securely with only a few simple steps. Whether you’re at an offsite event or just away from the office, all you need is a wireless or data connection to ensure that you never miss a payment again. Our new, EMV-certified Bluetooth payment terminal connects to any phone or tablet via the MobilePay Terminal app, and simply and securely accepts credit card, debit card, and even mobile wallet transactions like  Apple Pay®, Google Pay™, and Samsung Pay®.

Plus, Blackbaud MobilePay Terminal integrates seamlessly with Blackbaud Merchant Services™—so you pay the same low rate on every transaction, regardless of the credit card type, with no set-up fees, hidden fees, or mobile processing expenses.

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Get Started with a Few Simple Steps

After placing an order for your MobilePay Terminal device in the Blackbaud Merchant Services portal, download the MobilePay Terminal app on the Apple® App Store® or on Google Play™, then sign in with your Blackbaud ID. Connect to the terminal via Bluetooth to begin processing transactions.

The app processes payments instantly without storing sensitive credit card information on your mobile phone or tablet. Your donors have the option to receive a personalized email acknowledgement that includes the donation amount. You can resend acknowledgements, if needed.

Additionally, Blackbaud Merchant Services automatically disburses your Blackbaud MobilePay Terminal transactions with your other Blackbaud Merchant Services payments, simplifying reporting.

Modern Payment Flexibility with Exceptional Performance

The processing terminal used to transmit payments for MobilePay Terminal is compact, wireless, and easy to carry or temporarily adhere to your mobile device. Additionally, the terminal's Bluetooth capability offers you the freedom to hand off the device to the payee, or fix it to a temporary location, untethered to your phone or tablet.

Your supporters will be able to securely purchase or donate with a variety of modern and secure payment methods. Not only does MobilePay Terminal support magnetic-stripe and EMV chip payments, it also allows your supporters to use tap-to-pay cards and mobile wallets—like Apple Pay, Samsung Pay and Google Pay—for the most hygienic, touchless, forms of payments.

Add up your savings

Credit card transactions are processed with Blackbaud Merchant Services, and you pay the same rate for all transactions and all card brands (Visa®. MasterCard®, and American Express®, as well as Discover® and JCB cards for U.S. accounts).

Simplify your record keeping

Blackbaud Merchant Services automatically disburses your MobilePay Terminal transactions with your other Blackbaud Merchant Services payments. This saves you significant time on reporting and enables you to track individual transactions in real time. From within the Blackbaud Merchant Services web portal, you can view a list of all transactions processed through a MobilePay Terminal device.

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