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Manage your entire grantmaking workflow, from online grant applications through payments, with Blackbaud Grantmaking™.

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Gain efficiencies, improve collaboration, and attain
unparalleled insight into your grantmaking.

Here are just a few organizations using Blackbaud Grantmaking software.
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Access grant management information anywhere: on a site visit, in your board meeting, or at home.

  • Benefit from an open grantmaking software platform that integrates with your other business solutions while still providing the intuitive user experience you enjoy from the other Blackbaud nonprofit software tools that make onboarding across your organization easier than ever
  • Get in-app guided help, specific to the area of the program you’re working on at that moment
  • Sign in from any device, anywhere, on any browser, making it easy for staff to manage the grants workflow or share important grant management information anytime

View the data that affects your desired outcomes with customizable reports.

Be proactive with your giving strategy. Use data to identify opportunities and improve on past work. Don’t just react to grant applications or opportunities that come to you!

  • Quickly access the data you need in easily digestible formats with data reporting and visualizations that can be filtered based on the information you're looking for

Increase efficiencies and transparency in your grantmaking workflow.

Use one grant management software solution for all your grantmaking needs.

  • Address efficiency and reporting needs with financial integrations and a guided workflow so that all stakeholders enjoy total transparency in every step of the grantmaking process
  • Establish programmatic goals before your program launch, align each step in your review process, provide feedback to grantees easily, and quickly report the status of a grant application or the progress of a specific project

Support your unique mission with configurable software.

You need a solution that works for your specific grantmaking process. That’s why we set up our system so that it aligns with and supports the achievement of your business or philanthropic goals.

  • Blackbaud Grantmaking can be configured to speak your language and follow your unique process
  • Our cloud-based technology is constantly innovating, ensuring that you’re connected to the most up-to-date grant management tools.

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Frequently Asked Questions

FAQ - Blackbaud Grantmaking

  • What is grant management software?
    Grant management software—also referred to as a grant management system or GMS—is technology that allows nonprofits, foundations, and other social good organizations to administer their grant and award lifecycle. Some systems are developed to help grantmaking organizations manage and streamline their giving process—from accepting and reviewing online applications to measuring and communicating results. Others provide tools that enable grant recipients to prepare grant budgets and reports, track grant-related activities and progress, and ensure overall compliance with grant stipulations.
  • What is the best grant management software?
    The best grant management software for funders provides comprehensive tools to streamline administration of their entire grant lifecycle—from accepting online applications to managing grant data to evaluating and communicating impact.
  • How can grant management software help nonprofits?
    Serving as the lifeblood of a grantmaking organization, the right grant management system will streamline the many tasks performed daily by staff and help get grants to recipients faster and with fewer manual processes.
  • What should nonprofits look for in a grantmaking software solution?
    • Online grant applications
    • Portal for reviewers to evaluate grant requests
    • Portal for grantees to manage grant requirements
    • Document management
    • Data relationship management
    • Detailed records
    • Reports and dashboards
    • Payment management
    • Outcomes tracking and reporting
    • Internal controls
    • Compliance tools
    • Built-in communication tools
    • Custom data fields
  • How does grant application software work?
    Online application software provides a paperless process for funders to manage the creation, acceptance, and evaluation of grant applications to the ability for applicants to complete and review the status of their grant requests.
  • What is Blackbaud Grantmaking?
    Blackbaud Grantmaking is a cloud grant management system for funders of all sizes. Comprehensive grants management functionality enables funding organizations to realize their impact on any device, in any browser, and anywhere around the world. With a central database for all grant data, grantmakers can streamline everything from evaluation and communication to tracking and reporting.

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