Fundraiser Performance Management Software for Nonprofit Organizations

Raise more money using custom predictive models, convenient fundraising tools, and industry-specific benchmarks available with Blackbaud Fundraiser Performance Management™.

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High-impact organizations choose Blackbaud fundraising software and strategy tools.
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Raise more money using tools designed for fundraisers.

As a development leader, you're expanding your team’s outreach, increasing contributions, attracting new donors, and cultivating donor engagement. It's challenging, and even the most successful fundraisers want to improve their processes. Blackbaud Fundraiser Performance Management makes fundraising easier and more efficient.

  • Work with your designated customer success team to build your fundraising strategy and get individualized support
  • Give frontline fundraisers tools and mobile capabilities to find donors, track interactions, and manage long-term strategy
  • Identify the prospective donors most likely to give using custom predictive modeling and other donor research tools
  • Leverage industry-specific community data to define and meet fundraising best practices

Improve gift officer efficiency.

Your gift officers’ time is best spent outside the office, connecting with prospective donors and nurturing relationships. Gift officers and their managers use Blackbaud Fundraiser Performance Management to optimize gift officer activities and maximize fundraising effectiveness.

  • Enter and manage contact reports, proposals, and tasks quickly and in real time
  • Link related contacts, task, proposals, and donor prospect histories together, even when the information spans multiple years and fundraising tools and resources.
  • Measure and manage a wide range of gift officer activities and results
  • Define best practices and create fundraising strategies based on your own data

Engage with donors, friends, and families.

Fundraising teams are tasked with growing dollars and donors, and the goals keep getting more ambitious. Use Blackbaud Fundraiser Performance Management to leverage your constituent information, provide your team with access to actionable donor data, and create processes to help you meet your goals.

  • Use predictive modeling tools to identify highly engaged connections for volunteering, speaking, events, and donations
  • Reduce lag times and improve your team’s access to the prospect and donor data they need to succeed in their roles
  • Create your own reports to independently track and manage fundraising activities and results

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Frequently Asked Questions

FAQ - Fundraiser Performance Management

  • What Is Fundraising Software?
    There are many types of fundraising software. Most organizations utilize a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) tool to manage donor information and a marketing automation tool for digital outreach. Many organizations also use a peer-to-peer donation solution and a frontline reporting and tracking tool for gift officers and leadership to accelerate results.
  • What Does Fundraising Software Do?
    Fundraising software organizes prospect and donor information to enable the organization to cultivate donors. Any fundraising software should make the job of the fundraiser easier.
  • What Is Cloud Based Fundraising Software?
    Cloud-based software or Software as a Service (SaaS) allows users access to software applications that run on shared computing resources (processing power, memory, and disk storage) via the Internet. Fundraisers can access software through secure logins via any internet enabled device.
  • Who Should Use Fundraising Software?
    Every non-profit organization fundraising should use fundraising software to reach donors, track donors and donations, and work in a manner that is efficient and fulfills legal requirements for reporting and tracking.
  • How Can Nonprofits Use Software To Increase Fundraising?
    • Work more efficiently
    • Enable fundraisers to access donor information 
    • Nurture donors over time to give more
    • Guide fundraisers to do activities that bring in more gifts
    • Manage and track your contacts effectively
    • Report performance data easily
    • Deliver targeted messages to segments of your community to drive donations
    • Manage volunteers and events and integrate those programs with giving outreach
    • Automatically process online donations and pledges 
    • Focus on fundraising over tracking paperwork and receipts
  • How To Evaluate Nonprofit Fundraising Software?
    To select the best software for your fundraising organization, identify the problems you want to solve, who at your organization will use the software and their unique needs, and set your budget. From there you can identify your options and engage those companies to identify the right fit for your organizational needs.
  • What Is The Best Fundraising Software?
    The best fundraising software is built specifically for fundraising nonprofits, and allows you to expand functionality as your organization grows and matures.
  • What Are Reasons Why Your Nonprofit Needs Fundraising Software?
    • Keep track of and easily access donor and donation information
    • Process online donations and pledges automatically
    • Track fundraiser and gift officer activities and contacts 
    • Guide fundraisers and gift officer activities towards actions that drive gifts
    • Give donors a better experience working with your organization
    • Work effectively and efficiently
    • Make smarter choices when information is easily accessible to leaders and board members
  • When Does a Nonprofit Need More than Software?
    When undergoing changes in fundraising staffing, or endeavoring on a new campaign, it can be extremely helpful to have strategic consulting and coaching along with modern effective software. The best fundraising results occur when an expert helps your organization optimize how your organization uses software tools.
  • How Does an Organization Use Performance Analysis and Benchmarking?
    • Understand performance objectively in the industry, above and beyond year-on-year comparison
    • Get a clear view of how others organizations are performing
    • Develop a clear path to improvement and growth that other organizations have proven
    • Evaluate organizational strengths and weaknesses 
    • Direct investment efficiently

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