Marshfield Clinic Health System

Marshfield Clinic Health System grows its fundraising and volunteer base as an early adopter of Blackbaud’s new peer-to-peer fundraising solution.

With over 100 years of providing medical services to its Wisconsin community, Marshfield Clinic Health System attracts a motivated group of advocates. But Marshfield needed the right tools to activate that support to power game-changing fundraising and awareness for its mission.

When volunteers with Marshfield Clinic Health System in Wisconsin set a goal of $2,000 for their ALS Steps for Hope event, the health system turned them loose with JustGiving from Blackbaud. With nearly two decades of helping people in 164 countries raise money for causes they care about, JustGiving from Blackbaud provided an intuitive platform where Marshfield could direct supporters to build their own, personalized pages to collect gifts.

One organizer alone raised nearly $3,000 after sharing a tribute to a family member who died from the neurological disease. Another volunteer participated in honor of her mother and wheeled her mom to the event.

Marshfield’s volunteers raised more than $6,700—over 335% beyond its goal. In addition to funds to support ALS research, Marshfield received comments through Blackbaud Peer-to-Peer Fundraising that offered valuable insight behind those contributions. As Donor Communications Coordinator Maree Stewart explained, “There’s a good social proof aspect.”

Sharing Stories Through Fundraising

Marshfield Clinic plays a key role in the community as both a healthcare provider and economic driver. With over 100 years of history and a modern, integrated process of caring for patients, Marshfield attracts an enthusiastic base of supporters.

To learn how to best empower grateful patients and other supporters, Marshfield participated in the early adopter program for JustGiving from Blackbaud—and immediately put the platform to use for the ALS event. “It helps to draw a connection to Marshfield, giving supporters an opportunity to not only express their gratitude but to share their story,” Stewart said. “That is part of the healing process. Giving people an avenue to share while making a difference is so beneficial.”


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